Haram Green What?

Are you Middle Eastern, brown, or just a white person with guilt? Are you afraid to be kicked out by Trump? Are your parents cousins? Do you like hummus? Have you been mistaken for being Mexican? Do you have a sick and crude sense of humor?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we’ve got the perfect game for you.

Haram Green Cards is the hot new adult party game that brings out the best and worst in people. This game is not intended for children, religious grandmothers, the politically correct, or the easily offended.*

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*Warning: Haram Green Cards is not responsible for shoe-throwing accidents, deportation, or divorce threats. Personal stereotypes and racist grandmothers not included.


  • When will I get my cards?
    • All orders will be shipped within 2 business days. Please allow delivery of 5-7 business days for U.S. and Canada and 7-10 business days for international orders.

  • What's the difference between the starter kit and expansion pack?
    • The full deck is the starter kit needed to play an entire game which includes 90 green question cards and 306 white answer cards.

      The expansion pack builds on the full deck and keeps the crude and hilarious fun going with 18 green question cards and 80 white answer cards.

  • For some insane reason, I changed my mind and don't want my cards, so how can I return them?
    • We guarantee 100% refunds before the product is shipped or after the unopened box is returned to us.

      We cannot accept returns on opened box sets, only exchanges.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at mail@haramgreencards.com

Basic Rules

Everyone draws 10 white answer cards. One person from the group begins as the card dictator.

The card dictator picks one green question card from the top of the deck and reads it out loud.

Everyone else anonymously puts down an answer card (face down) that they think is the funniest. Some questions will have two fill-in-the blanks.

The card dictator will shuffle the answers and re-read the question or phrase while filling in the blanks with the various answers from each player.

The card dictator decides which answer is the funniest and the owner of that card wins the round and gets to keep the green card. Now they become the new card dictator.

Everyone draws one or two more white answer cards, in order to have 10 white cards at all times.

The person with the most green cards at the end wins.

Playing Without Card Dictator

Same rules, except everyone puts down an answer card. Each person votes on the funniest answer and the person with the most votes wins a green card.

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